Dear Friends, 

I’ve returned from Dharamsala, India and have the mother of all jet lag. But what an incredible, life-giving experience was had, together with my colleague in sound design, Zack Rose. The invitation came from the wonderful neuroscientist Richie Davidson, who’s been a guest on On Being several times. The event was originally planned for March 2020, bringing 14 wonderful young “compassionate leaders” into community with each other and into an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Well, you know how March 2020 unfolded. And yet, this group from around the world began nevertheless to meet by Zoom, coming to know and support one another through many hard, cathartic months in the life of the world and in their lives.

Those of us present as “mentors” bore witness to a very beautiful physical meeting of people who had already become dear to each other and could immediately go very deep. It was an extraordinary experience that will have many ripples, including I am sure in this newsletter and in the On Being show. So, as they say, stay tuned.

As I learn to sleep through the night again, I’ll bring this short Pause letter to a close with a gentle yet enthusiastic reminder that our exercise in contemplative reading together begins next Saturday. I’ll offer some reflections/discoveries/wisdom gleaned from my reading of the Introduction and Chapter One of James Bridle’s Ways of Being. There’s still time to buy or borrow a copy of the book yourself, and get into conversation with the words on the page and with your life. Here’s one of my marked-up pages of the book from last summer’s reading, layered on top of the big notebook I’ve enjoyed writing in by hand, even though my handwriting is so, so messy that I could have been a doctor:

Meanwhile, we continue with a new Foundations offering in the podcast feed on one of my favorite subjects: time. We’d love to hear how this is landing with you. I’m going to hang out on Twitter a bit on Monday evening — @kristatippett — and you can also find On Being on Instagram or write to us at

I hope to see you in one of those places, or back here, soon.

With love,


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